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Pat Bowlen // Owner, Denver Broncos

"The year before for our annual Beacon Center fundraiser, we had a free auctioneer and raised $30,000. We hired Gary and raised over $179,000. You do the math."

Gina Francis // Capuchin Friars, Director of Special Events

"You knocked it out of the park last night! A first rate delivery! So thrilled that I got to witness what earned you the reputation for being "the best" last night! Know how grateful I am to you for going the extra mile! It was beautiful!"

Erin Devine // Colorado Horse Rescue Gala

"Gary, you and your team were spectacular!  Truly a delight to watch!  I've never been around anything like that before, it was really an experience."

Steve Faulkner // Polo Classic Chairperson

"Gary was very professional and very confident. He's so experienced that he knows just what to do. He can be very charming and people are drawn to his personality. He knows how to start an event out and grab everyone's attention.

"Working with Gary was great. He was very easy to communicate with and he does a lot of preparation up front to ensure the event is great. The best part is that he got better prices on many of the items than we expected."

Jan Hawley // Emergency Family Assistance Association

"Gary is by far the best pick for a fundraising auctioneer. He enjoys the crowd and makes your guests feel good about their participation in the live auction. He's a spark plug and just lights up the room when he takes over the microphone.

"Gary introduced our group to the special appeal, which has increased our event's net revenue significantly – over $120,000. Gary works with our life-auction committee to make sure we have the audience to handle the gift and helps us market the packages at the event.

"Gary fully attends the event he is auctioneering – he comes early, he meets our guests, he mingles, he becomes one with the event, so when it's time for him to take the microphone, he's comfortable with our guests, the event, and with the cause – and he uses all this in his performance."

"Gary is just a fun guy and great to work with! I look forward to our event each year because I know I'll be working with Gary again."

Elaine McCain // The Wildlife Experience

"I can only sing his praises - even though I would LOVE to keep him as our magic secret instead of sharing!"

"Gary was recommended to us as someone who could 'change the face' of live auctions. So, we hired him and I can only say it was a HUGE success. Not only did he earn more money for our museum, he was completely entertaining so the audience did not feel burdened by 'another auction."

"Gary was a complete professional to work with – he outlined how we should conduct the auction, suggested items that would work or not work, and basically gave us the plan for the evening. He worked with our volunteers to ensure that they knew how to handle things for him."

Jack Walker // Colorado Music Festival

"The biggest single fundraiser for the Colorado Music Festival is our annual Wine & Food Classic. Central to that is an out-loud auction of wine, travel opportunities, exotic locales, ski trips, and so on. When Gary was engaged as our professional auctioneer, he brought a sense of fun to this auction – deliberately mispronouncing names of vineyards and French wine-growing areas. He made it unstuffy and consequently more people became involved in the bidding. Gary has a good sense of timing and, of course, his comedic patter amuses and relaxes participants."

"Gary has a good sense of timing and, of course, his comediac patter amuses and relaxes participants."

Darla Schueth // Hospice of Boulder and Broomfield Counties

"Gary is a master at engaging his audience and enabling them to have fun! From the time he signs a contract, Gary takes charge – teaching, motivating, setting the stage for an auction that will be as successful as possible."